Director of

'En flirt'


Best Long Fiction/Animation 2020

The Danish Film Academy



My name is Zinnini Elkington, and I'm a Danish director, scriptwriter and actress. I tell stories because silence is not an option.

I started out working as an actress in features, shorts and tv-series. But as I gained more experience in front of the camera, I started feeling the urge to tell my own stories and use my voice as an artist. My journey towards filmmaking started at UCLA where I studied scriptwriting, directing and producing. In 2017 I debuted as a director with the pastel-punked teen comedy RAINBOW GIRLS that was ellected for Odense International Film Festival. Then shortly after the premiere, I got admitted to the independent filmschool Super16. My midterm project EN FLIRT was awarded a Robert by the Danish Filmacademy for Best LongFiction/ Animation 2020.

I'm currently working on my graduation film from Super16 and in development with two feature film projects.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Also find me on Instragram for updates.


Feel free to to reach out to me <3